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Good morning HRGeeks,

So last week Facebook rolled out another new and very cool feature called “Shared Albums” or as I like to call them collaborative albums but basically all albums in Facebook are shared right.

Facebook described the concept as such:

A shared album is an album that multiple people can upload photos to. When you make an album shared, you can add your friends as contributors. This allows them to add, view and edit photos in the album.

Pretty cool right, it basically means that you can set up an album and pick your contributors – there are a couple of rules/limitations to this right now:

  1. You have to be friends with the person that you are adding to your shared album
  2. That shared album depending on it’s privacy settings will show up on everyone’s timeline
  3. The feature is currently only available for individuals and not for Fanpages.

Although I tried to find out Facebook has made no reference to when they will make this feature available for Fanpages but one would assume with the demand that it’s on their development roadmap and hopefully you will be able not just to designate “friends” as contributors but you will also be able to designate “fans” as contributors as well, and that has far reaching implications for Employer Branding.

Let’s assume that the Employer Brand is owned by the Employees more so than the HR or Marketing departments and you want to show off your culture while also working to engage your employee population and develop a “Recruiting Culture”.  Facebook shared albums could be a new way to facilitate all the above points and make it easy for employees to do in a few very easy steps:


  1. Set up you shared album on your company’s Fanpage or Employment Fanpage
  2. Get your employees to “like” the page — if you haven’t done this already your not doing Facebook right.
  3. Select which employees you want to engage with, now some folks are for selective engagement (which might be good for a pilot) or for total engagement.
  4. EXPLAIN and train your employees on EB expectations and how the program will work.
  5. Allow them to take pictures from around their workplace when something that they love happens or an event or just something that would differentiate their employment experience from others in their business (you would be surprised by what works).
  6. Encourage other employees to share those images.

Here’s why I really love the idea of shared albums for EB, besides the fact that it democratizes the EB experience and puts the onus on the employee to represent their brand:

Photo posts get 39% more interaction

Not only do photo posts get more engagement than links, videos or text-based updates, they actually account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook. According to Kissmetrics, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs on links than text-based posts.

So we will keep watching this feature and who tests it first in the marketplace.  I can tell you right now from a personal perspective I have set up two personal shared photo albums and I have more than doubled the engagement on photos because I’m reaching a wider audience —- and that only makes sense.

See you on Friday HRGeeks for our Friday Video and starting mid-month we will be kicking off our Social Recruiting Rockstar series with interviews with some of HR’s most social players, and a few that you may not have heard of.  Stay tuned.

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Geoff has been recently recognized as one of the Top 100 Social HR professionals by the Huffington Post and has been quoted in numerous print and online books and articles about Social Recruitment, Sourcing and Social HR.


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